Started in 1974, Royal Kitchen was one of the first shops in Honolulu to offer baked “bao“      (buns) instead of steamed ones.  The baked “bao” (or popularly known as “manapua”) had a variety of fillings:  cha siu, chicken, curry chicken, portuguese sausage, lup chong, hot dog, kalua pork, vegetarian, coconut, black sugar and Okinawan sweet potato.

Royal Kitchen is a favorite stop for local residents and travelers alike.   They take the manapua, roast pork, cha siu, and other food items as “omiyage” (gifts) for family, friends, and business associates. 

For those with get-togethers such as dinner parties, office luncheons, memorial services, athletic events (soccer, basketball, tennis, and football), picnics, baby showers, etc., Royal Kitchen offers party-sized trays of delectable entrees.  Favorite items include Chinese chicken salad, minute chicken cake noodles, stuffed duck, the pupu platter, beef vegetables, and steamed fillet of fish over tofu.